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10 Ways to Deal with Burnout at Work



The burnout syndrome occurs as a result of a tense work rhythm – a major problem for a modern person. Nerves, anxiety, stress, fatigue, apathy – all these are the symptoms of occupational burnout. According to the studies, every third employee has experienced it, and the most vulnerable workers are those engaged in social careers sector.

For this article, we picked the best ways to handle it. Here are 10 tips to help you stay healthy and not to bun out at work:

Mark a clear “work-rest” border. Do not take work home, otherwise, set working hours strictly. At home, change clothes right after you’ve crossed the threshold. Even if you are a freelancer writer, differentiate your working zone from the rest of the home.

Switch over. Find what helps you switch from one mode to another. This may be a book, a short walk, listening to your favorite band or whatever.

Learn to refuse. Do not be afraid to tell your supervisor that you can’t keep up with the workflow. You are the only person who knows your limits.

Go on an informational diet. Put aside messengers and stop checking inbox every minute. As for the phone calls, there are no clear boundaries – if something is urgent, you can receive a call early in the morning or late at night. Therefore, you should control this yourself.

Work less, but be more productive. Some tend to think that if they spend more time behind the computer, they will get more work done. Sorry, but no, this is self-deception: the longer you work, the less productive you become. The flow of tasks is endless, and what can’t be done today is better to be done tomorrow. Otherwise, you will lose focus and will have to redo everything.

Beat your inner perfectionist. And do not reproach yourself for mistakes – they are inevitable. Remember, only those who do nothing make no mistakes.

Tailor the schedule to your needs. With the development of technologies, it is not necessary to be constantly present in the office because many issues can be resolved through emails, social media, and messengers. If the strict office schedule does not fit you, you can switch to freelancing or find a job with more flexible hours. A professional curriculum vitae will double your chances to get the best offer.

Delegate tasks. This will allow for more free time and lessen the amount of stress. Plus, your colleagues will learn something new.

Listen to yourself. If you realize that you are tired, take an unscheduled vacation.

Quit. Sometimes this really is the best option and you may need to start drafting a resignation letter. But don’t rush head over heels with getting a new position at another company. Give yourself some time to recover.

In order to develop immunity to stress, try spending more time outside, get a hobby, eat healthy and tasty food, listen to music, and communicate with pleasant people whom you really like.

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