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Top 33 High Paying No Experience Jobs (Near Me)




Looking for jobs that don’t require a degree or experience that are hiring near you? Check out this list of 33 high paying no experience jobs.

Whether you’re a fresh-faced college student, a high school teenager learning how to make money, or just breaking into a new field, chances are you’ve been confronted by the “experience paradox”.

Simply put, the experience paradox is one of the most enigmatic paradigms that exist: you need the experience to get the job, but you need the job in order to get experience.

Being able to overcome this challenge can be the difference between the freedom of having a car and having to bum rides from your friends whenever you need to go somewhere (gas is expensive!).

This phenomenon can be frustrating for anyone, especially when you know you could be a perfect fit for a job, and yet you don’t have the chance to show it.

Best Paid Jobs With No Experience Needed

The first of these best jobs with no experience? A survey!

1. Survey says…you deserve extra cash

Looking for a legitimate cash job? Then you probably know what they say about opinions…well, it just so happens some people do want to hear them. Taking mere minutes to complete, surveys are a quick way to put some extra cash in your back pocket.

Surveys are a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ kinda deal. Companies receive vital information from an average joe – that’s you! – and in return, you get a few dollars for your time.

There are a lot of survey sites out there, so start with these:

Survey Junkie – Survey Junkie’s interface is super smooth and intuitive (unlike the majority of survey company websites that look like they were built in 1997), and members are paid in cash via Paypal.  Oh, and Survey Junkie also has an 8.9/10 rating on TrustPilot — the highest of any online survey company.  Click here to start earning money with Survey Junkie.

Swagbucks – Swagbucks makes surveys fun by having you watch videos, answer questions, play games, and use their search engine. Click here to get a $5 signup bonus with Swagbucks.

Nielsen – Yep, it’s that company that tracks TV ratings, and they want to hear from you! After installing the Nielsen app on either your phone or PC, the app monitors things like the terms you use to find sites, what time of day you use them, and even how long you browse.

2. Blog your way to a bonus

Do you have opinions you simply need to share? Well, you’re in luck!

Surveys aren’t the only way to make money with what’s rattling around upstairs.

Blogging gives you an opportunity to vent, to inform, and if you’re smart enough – and with a little help – make some extra cash in the process.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the next George R. R. Martin to run your own blog. You just need to have something to say, and the words to say it with. It just so happens, both of those are free.

Free blogging platforms like WordPress and Squarespace are as good a place as any to get started.

3. Write an e-Book!

The digital revolution has arrived, and with it the ability to self-publish your own book.

Sure, we all lament the loss of the physical book, but Amazon’s Kindle book store makes it easy for just about anyone to publish their very own e-Book. Whether it’s a work of fiction, nonfiction, or science fiction. Maybe even just a helpful guide on a topic you’re familiar with?

With Amazon’s Direct Publishing platform, you no longer need a publisher. Simply get yourself up to speed on the process, write something unique on an interesting topic, throw an enticing cover on the front and hit Publish.

With the power of one of the world’s largest online retailers behind you, there’s no reason why you can’t succeed!

4. Drive for Lyft or Uber

Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the transport industry. Taxis? Those are so last decade. Ride-sharing is the new face of transport, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

If you have a car and some spare time, then these services give you the flexibility to earn some extra cash when and where you want.

With ride-sharing services also expanding into food delivery with the likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats, there’s no shortage of opportunities. They’re always looking for more drivers.

If you don’t feel up to driving but still have a car doing a whole lot of nothing in the driveway, then consider renting it out via Turo or GetAround. Less work, same reward!

5. Get paid for surfing the world wide web

You already browse the web, right? So why not get paid to do so! In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to make a dime online.

Simply install the Qmee browser add-on, and you’re set!

When you search online, you’ll notice the odd sponsored result featured alongside regular search results. Each of these will offer a cash reward that you simply have to click to collect.

Told you it was easy!

6. Get paid to shop

Similar to Checkout 51, Ibotta pays you for going shopping and not just on weekends.

No, really, it does!

The app presents you with a list of offers currently available on a wide range of products, from food to drinks all the way through to cleaning products. Here’s how it works:

  1. Look for a product you were planning on buying, and click on it.
  2. Earn extra money back by completing the extra tasks attached to the item, like taking a poll or sharing the item on Facebook.
  3. Select a participating store that you’re buying the item from.
  4. Upload a picture of your receipt.
  5. That’s it! Simply sit back and wait for the cash to show up in your PayPal.

7. Work from home by…renting your home with Airbnb

Like Uber did for Taxis before it, Airbnb is fast revolutionizing the holiday and travel accommodation industry, and you’re set to profit from it!

If you’ve traveled recently, chances are you’ve rented a place to stay via Airbnb, or at the very least give it a look. An online marketplace for people with space, rooms, or even entire houses to spare, Airbnb lets you list your place for rent just like a hotel or motel.

Maybe you’re traveling overseas yourself and want to make the most of your empty place while you’re away? Perhaps you have a spare room that currently houses nothing more than empty boxes? With AirBNB you can turn to fill that empty space in your home, and fill that empty spot in your wallet with more than a little spare change.

Alternatives like VRBO, HomeAway, and HomeStay are also worth a look.

8. Transform a Fiverr into a Fiver

If you’ve got the skills, then Fiverr can help you pay the bills and can be your part-time weekend job that pays well.

Fiverr is one of the world’s largest online skills marketplaces, featuring adverts from people the world over in need of a very particular set of skills. If you have those skills – in things as diverse as graphics and logo design through to writing and translating – then there’s a job on Fiverr for you. The best is that they pay you in PayPal, with no threshold, which you can turn into cash quickly.

9. Drop (ship it) like it’s hot

Looking for a lucrative online part-time job? Dropshipping can be the answer.

Chances are you’ve heard of Dropshipping before: the retail method where you sell products from other businesses without ever having to hold on to stock. You simply purchase the item from the retailer once you’ve made a sale, and ship it directly to your customer.

It’s an easy way to run an online store without any of the hassle!

No stock to manage. No shipping to take care of. You just sell the products and rake in the profit.

With the likes of Shopify and Oberlo, there’s never been an easier – or better – time to take up drop shipping.

Simply set up your online storefront with Shopify, and then use Oberlo to quickly and easily import the products you want to sell into your store. No hassle. No fuss. It couldn’t be easier! Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

10. Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing isn’t unlike drop shipping. But where the latter has customers buying items through your storefront, the former simply redirects people to online stores like Amazon via your own link.

If they buy something by following your personal link? Then you earn a cut of the sale.

That’s how affiliate marketing works.

You don’t need a website from the likes of WordPress or SquareSpace, either. You can sign up as an affiliate and share that link via social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, too.

The more people that see your link, the more likely you are to land a sale.

Interested? Sign up to the MaxBounty network, or join some of your favorite online retailers like Amazon or Green Man Gaming as an affiliate. In fact, check most every site you usually buy from online: chances are they’ll have an affiliate program that you could become a part of.

11. Go coupon crazy with Rakuten

You’ve probably used coupons before.

But Rakuten? It’s like coupons turned all the way up to 11.

In fact, even just visiting the website and signing up for a free account can net you a $10 Walmart Gift Card!

From there, you’re free to browse and buy from the hundreds of products, stores, and businesses on offer. Dell? Macy’s? Best Buy? From electronics to food, there’s offers galore, each of them offering discounts and cashback on purchases you make.

12. Become a stay-at-home salesperson

Like a door-to-door salesperson only with far less leg-work, hosting sales “parties” at your home on behalf of the likes of Avon and Pampered Chef is a great way to meet new people and make some money.

13. Earn income by watching videos

This one might just be the toughest in the list…

…who are we kidding, all you need to do is watch some short videos.

Given how easy it is to lose yourself in a never-ending cycle of YouTube videos, this one couldn’t be easier.

The catch here? The videos include ads.

While they may annoy you while browsing YouTube, you also don’t get paid to watch them. At InboxDollars, you do. Who wouldn’t watch an ad or two if they were getting paid?

14. Pave paradise to put up a parking lot

Many houses, rentals, or other accommodations include a garage, driveway, or some form of a parking space. If you’re not making use of it at the moment, chances are there’s someone who could.

Better still, they’ll pay you for the privilege.

Just Park lets you ‘let’ your parking space to busy people who are tired of paying through the nose for daily parking. The busier your area, the more you’re likely to make.

15. Sit!

It’s more than a command shouted at a disobedient dog or what we spend most of our days doing in front of a screen (guilty). In fact, it’s also a job that could net you some serious moolah.

All you have to do is sit!

Ok, so there’s a little more to it than that, but babysitting, dog sitting, or any other kind of -sitting is an easy way to make some quick cash from the comfort of your (or someone else’s) home.

If you’re feeling super adventurous? You could also expand into dog walking. Goodness knows people have more money than sense when it comes to their pets! Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

Interested? Rover, Tailster, or FindaBabySitter.com a look.

Note: If you’re planning to look after kids, you’ll need a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check or similar.

16. Embrace the freelance lifestyle

Can you write a mean article? Work some website magic? Kill it on social media like a sorcerer? Then the life of a freelancer might just be for you!

In today’s side-gig economy, the demand for smaller, focused, niche tasks and in turn skillsets is growing.

This is where you come in: you can use sites like PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, and UpWork to create an online profile, complete with a list of your skills and a CV. From there, you can advertise your skills for hire or apply for jobs. Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

If a company or business deems your skills worthy, you’ll get the job!

Better still, freelancing means you can work for anyone, from anywhere. With the power of the web at your fingertips, you can work for clients from the US to the UK all the way to NZ!

Fulfilling and flexible, freelance work is a great way to fill your spare hours and your bank account.

17. Become a YouTube sensation

Print is far from dead, but to say the video is on the rise would be an understatement! I recently learned about how much Youtubers make and were really surprised.

While becoming an overnight sensation may be a *little* out of your reach, YouTube’s Partner Program now lets you make a profit from videos you make and upload depending on the number of views they receive.

So get that camera out and start shooting. Be original, find a unique angle, and make videos that people want to watch and the views – and funds – will follow.

18. Get paid for being an armchair politician

Do you have politics on your mind?

Let’s be honest, it’s hard not to!

If you’re feeling in the need to stand up and take action, and earn a few dollars as you do, then consider Next Wave Advocacy, LLC. Sites like this aim to raise awareness and push for law reform, and they pay people like you to call up constituents and press them to open up a dialogue with members of Congress. Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

19. It’s couponing, but not as you know it

Whether you’re trying to save money or make it, you’re probably sick to death of hearing about coupons.

But wait, there’s more!

It turns out there’s more to couponing than saving money on your purchases. Did you know there are sites like CouponChief out there that will pay you to find the best coupons?

Simply share your best coupons with the community, and the more people that use them, the more you’ll earn! You can also get paid to coupon and go grocery shopping with the iBotta app.

20. Become an at-home customer service rep

We know outsourcing is all the rage these days, which is why businesses are eager to get you involved in their customer service operation.

Outsourcing companies like Alpine Access and Working Solutions both specialize in this field, offering work to part-time or, better still, home-based workers.

Oh hey, that’s you!

21. Review software in your spare time

If you get the ins and outs of software and software development, then this opportunity may interest you.

The guys over at SoftwareJudge need you!

In exchange for your diligent, well-written review of their software, they’ll reward you with cold hard cash. The more reviews you write, and the more trusted you are? The more reviews you’ll land, and the more money you’ll make. Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

22. Don’t let your Tweets go ‘cheep’

Do you pride yourself on your social media following? Have a bunch of followers that groan at your puns and memes?

Well, you’re in luck. PaidPerTweet is here, and they’re offering to pay you to tweet messages from their group of advertisers. How much you earn depends on various metrics like how many followers you have and the tweet’s reach.

The more followers you have, the more you’ll earn.

23. Objection! Become a mock juror

Lawyers and legal representatives often use online mock trials to test out their case, work through the process, and gauge the reaction of an actual jury before they do it for real. Think of it like a wedding rehearsal dinner, only the people in suits here are far less likely to end up drunk by the end of the night…

Anyways, these mock trials need mock jurors, which is where you come in. If you’re interested in sitting in virtual court and earning a bit as you do, simply sign up at eJury.com.

24. Turn your clicks into cash

Sites like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and Clickworker take mindless clicking and incentivize it with, you guessed it, cold hard cash.

These sites work like any other crowd-sourcing site, only instead of raising funds they ask you to take up jobs from businesses in need of a whole lot of people to complete a task, and quick!

Sure, the tasks aren’t all that glamorous. But if you’re happy to enter some data, fill in a few forms, or carry out web searches, there’s good money to be made for the work you do.

25. Tell the musicians what you *really* think

Money, money, money…must be funny…or sad, or serious, or just plain bad.

ABBA puns aside, if you enjoy talking about music as you do listening to it, then there’s a place out there that’s willing to pay you for them.

SliceThePie is the name and paying you to review unsigned bands or live acts is their game. The more reviews you leave, the higher your reputation will grow, and the more money you’ll stand to make. You’ll have more than $20 in your pocket in no time.

26. Claim anything and everything on your tax

There are still two certainties in life:

Death, and taxes. Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

While we can’t do much about the former, we can do something about the latter.

Whether you work part-time or full-time, chances are you’re paying more than you need to in tax. There’s also more you could be claiming on your tax return to bring your total down and save – and make! – you money.

If you’re a writer, for example, then writing supplies, laptops, and even subscriptions to word-editing programs can be fully or partially claimed. If you’re a student or a business and you’ve taken out a secured or unsecured personal loan recently, then there are deductions to be made here, too.

While you’re at it, check Unclaimed.org and see if you’re owed a refund for overpaid taxes from jobs you’ve worked in the past.

27. A picture is worth 1,000 words…and more than a few dollars

Do you have an eye for the perfect shot?

Receive a bunch of compliments on the photos you take?

You could turn those niceties into nice new dollar bills in your back pocket.

Sites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock let you upload your own shots to their online marketplace, and earn money every time they’re sold to a customer. If you’re looking for more options, Foap and Fotolia are also worth a look.

If you want to make the most money you can, find the lucrative photo subjects that have high demand but low supply.

Whoever said you couldn’t have a Saturday job by working in the arts?!

28. Say goodbye to Google and hell to your new buddy, Bing Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

The self-proclaimed king of the internet, Google, can now be found on almost every device whether it’s a PC or a phone. This is why Microsoft is now offering you the big bucks – relatively speaking – to use their own search engine: Bing.

How does it work? Simply ditch Google, sign up to BingRewards, and earn as much as $5-$10 every month as you search which can then be cashed in for gift cards for big sites like Amazon.

29. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Are you the tech expert in the family? People always bugging you to help them ‘Fix their computer’ or ‘Check their emails’? With Experts Exchange, you can finally get paid for all that unpaid labor you’ve been providing over the years!

Covering anything from software to hardware, you simply help resolve users’ technical issues and get paid in the process.

30. Siri! How do I become a virtual assistant?

If you have the skills to search the web and communicate well, then you’ve got the ability to pay the bills.

How so? Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home

By becoming a virtual assistant.

Time-poor business owners or companies just don’t have the time to complete those daily tasks that keep their heads above water. So that’s where you come in!

Sites like Zirtual and Fancy Hands are looking for people like you to fill the role of virtual assistant for people like this, helping users complete tasks like making calls, scheduling appointments, and finding the best prices on a given product. In return, you get paid for each completed task.

31. Turn your hobby into a moneymaker

Some of us couldn’t draw a stick figure to save their lives (guilty as charged!), but if you can wield a pen, paintbrush, or knitting needle like a weapon then chances are you could turn your hobbies into a real part-time weekend job.

This is nothing new. Arts and crafts have always found a place at local markets. Only now you have access to not just your local community, but the entire world!

This process couldn’t be easier. Just sign up to sites like Etsy, RedBubble, or DeviantArt, create your own online storefront, and start listing your creations.

From here? Get the word out there via Twitter, Facebook, and other niche communities that might be interested in what you make, and start getting paid for the time you probably already put into a hobby that you love.

32. Tell website owners what you really think

According to research, users judge a website in just 50 milliseconds!

This means there’s a lot of pressure on business owners and web designers to get it right, first time.

And that’s where you come in!

You’re bound to have passed a judgemental eye over a website or two in your time online. Who hasn’t? “Eeww, why did they pick that colour?’ or a ‘Huh, this menu doesn’t work at all’. Now sites like UserTesting want to pay you for it part-time on the weekends.

The process is simple. You just sign up, complete a test review, and when you receive a new website in your inbox you pass over it with that same critical eye and then eye up your PayPal account for your payment.

33. Write articles

Writing is one of the easiest ways to make money online from the comfort of your own home and do it part-time too!

You won’t even need to change out of your PJ’s for this one!

Heck, you don’t even need to be a published author or experienced journalist. As long as you can write clearly and concisely, then there’ll be a writing gig for you.

But what should you be writing about? And who will pay for you? Good questions. Give these sites a look:

Have No Job Experience?

It has been said the most valuable commodity when trying to get a job is information. However, it has also been said there is no supplement for the experience. From the time we’re toddlers to our last dying breath, the majority of our lives are structured around the acquisition of knowledge. A lot of our efforts and value are applied for the exercise of overcoming our ignorance and acquiring a skill set that will bring us prestige and fortune in the future. Ultimately, it is not the sum of the knowledge obtained that makes a person skilled. It’s the context in which the learning takes place.

You can gain knowledge and relevant skills before completing your degree program. Showing potential employers that you have already taken a few classes and/or attended a couple of webinars or workshops proves that you take initiative and are dedicated to learning. These are two things that are often sought by employers—even if the job description doesn’t list them. Initiative and willingness to learn are two qualities to highlight because they position you as a professional who will work hard to develop the skills you need for the job.

When reviewing candidates, the majority of employers base their choices off of quality, not quantity. Consequently, during the application and interview processes, it’s important to highlight the qualities that set you apart. Common qualities that employers look for in candidates include superior communication skills, leadership ability, motivation, a willingness to learn, and problem-solving skills.

The Bottom Line

There was a time when temporary positions weren’t held in the highest regard. However, as the workplace has evolved, an increasing number of employers have begun to utilize temporary staffing strategies. Today, internships and temporary assignments give professionals the opportunity to gain experience and skills in a relatively short amount of time. More importantly, they both provide not only work experience, but field-specific experience and learning. Both types of positions are just another way of showing that you are committed to building your skillset and gaining more industry-specific exposure.

Enjoyed these legitimate no experience jobs? Leave a comment below!

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